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Dam Liner / Pond Liner

Dam Liner / Pond Liner
Dam Liner / Pond LinerDam Liner / Pond LinerDam Liner / Pond LinerDam Liner / Pond Liner
CategoriesErosion Control & Geotextiles
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Update Time2020-10-24
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Water & Environment Management

The water stored in the open well, clay soiled ponds bound to seep into the ground , resulting in a huge loss of water Electricity. So, by using our Tarpaulin Pond liners, you save more water which leads to More area of Cultivation, which results in More Yield, More Income.


Dam liners secure the dam to prevent any water leakage.

Water-tight dam liners allow users to maximise their own skills and resources for a more cost-effective installation.

Able to ship to remote locations for DIY installation.

Are appropriate where difficult topography requires a customised fit to be manufactured.


Available Fabric:

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