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Bunding & Spill Control

Bunding & Spill Control

Bunding & Spill Control
Bunding & Spill ControlBunding & Spill ControlBunding & Spill ControlBunding & Spill Control
CategoriesMining & Industrial
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Update Time2020-08-04
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Mining & Industrial

Since the bund is the main part of a spill containment system, the whole system (or bunded area) is colloquially referred to within industry as the "bund". The bund is designed to contain spillages and leaks from liquids used, stored or processed above-ground, and to facilitate clean-up operations.


Optional tread pads and ground covers available.

Can be used with Decon pools.

Custom sizes available

Snap-up support provides a sturdy side wall for excellent spill containment.

100% usable interior space.

Easy cleaning and storage allows for repeated use.


Available Fabric:

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