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Flatbed Cover

Flatbed Cover
Flatbed CoverFlatbed CoverFlatbed CoverFlatbed CoverFlatbed Cover
CategoriesTransportation & Cargo
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Update Time2020-08-10
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Pre-assembled and customized sleek design with easy tool free installation in minutes.Flush-mount look on the truck bed, and superior-grade woven fabric provides a stylish matte-black appearance. The cover can be installed or removed in minutes, with no drilling required, and the unique self-leveling design feature allows for a more accurate installation.


Withstand all climate conditions, sealing with windproof rain strip, waterproof, snow proof and dirt proof.

Electrophoretic treatment, make the hardware more corrosion-resistant, ensuring a superior durability.

Provide maximum security and concealment of your goods.

Spring clamps allow you to fasten and release the tonneau cover with the slide of your hand.


Available Fabric:

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